5 Tips on Cleaning Kitty Odors

Have you done spring cleaning yet? Did you remember to take care of your cat's litter box and bedding?

After a long winter inside, you may have some stubborn kitty odors lingering in your home from your cat's litter box, spraying, "accidents" outside the box, vomit or diarrhea. Even if you don't currently have any odor problems, this is a great time of year to do some preventative maintenance.

With a few simple steps, you could have your house smelling nice and clean again.

Here are 5 spring cleaning tips that will help eliminate or prevent pet odors:

1. Scoop your cat's litter box every day. Do it even more often if you have more than one cat. (When you clean the box, if you see more than two or three urinations in the box, you should scoop more frequently.) Once you scoop, seal the bag and place it in a covered trash can. Better yet, take it outside to the garbage.

2. Scrub the pan and change the litter at least once a month. Dump the entire contents of the box, scrub it and re-fill it with clean litter.

3. Place the litter box on a surface that you can easily sweep. Every time you scoop, sweep the area around the box. Cats don't like to get litter on their feet. Plus, the litter that is flung outside the box can also smell.

4. Promptly clean all odors. If your cat vomits, has diarrhea or an "accident" indoors, quickly clean up the mess. Use white paper towels to clean and dry the mess as well as you can. You can also use water.

5. Neutralize odors. Pet odors can be neutralized – and that includes litter box odor. We have been disappointed with most of the odor control products we've tested because they didn't work as promised. Many of our readers say they've tried everything to remove cat odors with mixed results. One of the best odor products I have used is called Zero Odor. The Pet Place staff truly LOVES this product because it works better than anything else we have tried.

Zero Odor is different because it doesn't "mask" the odor, it eliminates it. Zero Odor does this by changing odor molecules into molecules that no longer cause odor. We've tested it on some VERY tough odor problems and we were truly amazed by how well it worked. It even eliminates urine odor, which is one of the toughest odors to get rid of.

(Tip: If you have problems with your cat going outside the box this product can help. When you spray it in your litter box, it gets rid of the smell – and studies have shown that when their litter box has no odor cats are less likely to go outside the box.)

Here's what one of my subscribers in Oregon had to say about Zero Odor:

I have 24 cats, 9 that live in an outside cat house and 15 that live in the house, so you can imagine that I have CAT ODORS!!! I have tried every product out there and nothing works, so I decided to give Zero Odor a chance. Let me tell you I was AMAZED at how well this product worked!!!! I sprayed it right in the dirty litter box like on the commercial and there was NO ODOR!!! I also sprayed it on a blanket that had been urinated on by one of the cats and the odor disappeared!

I am so glad that I found something that actually works and does not cost a fortune! I was impressed by the amount that you get for the price and I love the travel sizes. I keep one in my car for odors and one in each room. I am a customer for LIFE!!!! Thanks!!!!" – Angie

I hope these tips help you with your pet odor problems.