Are Cats Better Alone Or In Pairs?

This is a common question – are cats better alone or in pairs? I hear this a lot, "Doc – Should I get Another Cat?

Historically, cats are considered by some to be independent, nonsocial and self-reliant. However, cats are much more social than we have given them credit for. They often enjoy the presence of another cat.

Dr. Nick Dodman, a wonderful behaviorist at Tufts University and book author, believes that cats are better in pairs. Dr. Dodman states, "In general it is better to own cats in pairs. I think cats do benefit from company."

There is a right and wrong way of introducing a new cat – and this is important. The key is to go slow and take as long as needed. You can't just toss two cats together. You need to plan it properly. If you are thinking of getting another cat, read this article – How to Introduce a Cat into Your Household.