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Are Cats “Natural” Hunters and Predators?

Yes, cats are natural hunters and predators. They are born to stalk and hunt. And nothing consumes them more than the chase!

But what is an indoor cat to do? Unless you have mice in your house (or a dog), your cat may have very little to stalk and chase.

Seriously, how can we provide indoor cats with something they can instinctively stalk and track? They need something that they can bat around with their paws and pounce on.

My staff and I came across a very cool mouse toy that claims to meet the needs of your cat’s “inner hunter”. It is called the UnderCover Mouse. There is another version out there that you can currently buy one line as well. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association rated it as the best new cat toy of 2008, giving it their Best In Show Award. But we had to see it for ourselves.

I (and my cats) LOVED it! This mechanical mouse darted frantically back and forth in perpetual motion – just out of full sight – tempting, teasing and enticing her kitties to pounce.

This is an awesome toy, especially for indoor cats that don’t usually get to satisfy their natural instinct to hunt. With Undercover Mouse as their prey, they’ll indulge themselves in the hunt for hours on end. And they’ll love every minute of it!

This toy really knows how to get a cat’s attention. Here’s the other thing I really like about it. The Undercover Mouse is as much fun for you as it is for your cat. (Seriously, it will make you HOWL!!)