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Here are answers from our previous "Ask Dr. Debra" Questions. We hope they help you find the answer you need.

Dr. Debra will choose ten questions a week.

Food Questions

Best Low Magnesium Cat Food
Cat Kidney Food
Cat Recipe Treat
Low pH Cat Food
Premium Cat Food
Sensitive Stomach Cat Food
Cat hairball formula and calories
Treat Cat Hair Balls
Cat treats for young cats
My cat eats LOTS of grass
Cat food with good PH and bladder stones
Home-Made nutritionally sound cat food books
How do I change my cat's food?
What is the best way to feed a cat?
My cat is loosing weight and won't eat his dry food
Are olives bad for cats?
Is it ok to give an outdoor cat warm milk with water?
What human foods are not good for kitties?
Is it safe for cats to eat arugalia?
Why does my cat try to cover his food?

Food Recall Questions

What % of Food Has Been Recalled?
What Do I do with Recalled Food?
Food Recall an accident?
How is melamine used?
What is Wheat Gluten?
A cat prescription diet was recalled. Do you know which one?
How I can tell if the food I give my cat came from Canada or the United States
Are there any new foods recalled?
Wild Kitty food and salmonella contamination
Product that almost killed my cat
What foods on the market are dangerous to dogs and cats
Pet Food Recall: Extreme concern
Have you heard anything about Melamine being in Hog Food?
Have you heard anything about a recall on Natural Balance Foods?
Not only wheat gluten was contaminated. Is that true?

Behavior Questions

Keep Your Cat From Tearing Furniture
Minimize Cat Stress while Changing Jobs
Minimize Cat Stress After Human Loss
Minimize Cat Stress While Cat is in the Hospital
Minimize Cat Stress While Redecorating
Minimize Cat Stress While Remodeling
Minimize Cat Stress with New Person in House
Minimize Cat Stress With Outdoor Construction
My Cat Is Chewing The Furniture
Kitten starts crying in the middle of the night and doesn't stop
Cat peeing on rugs
Cat wetting problem
Cats spraying
Wild in the house sometimes
Cat with odd behavior
Cat acting weird
Cat with strange behaviors
Big cat having a hard time grooming her bottom

Cat stress after moving
Cat biting when petted
Can I kennel train our cat like a dog
8-year-old female housesoiling
Ragdoll cat biting his claws!
Cat chewing on cords
Cat Behavior and Health
Advice for Siamese kitten that is suckling on things
Why do cats chew on plastic?
Crazy sweet then aggressive behavior in a cat
How to Stop a Dog from Eating Cats Food
Why do Cats Head Butt?
How Do I get a Difficult Cat in a Pet Taxi?
My cat is not using the litter box after I came back from vacation
Cat Urinating on Leather
My Cat Chews and Eats Things!
My cat behavior has changed after he lost his other cat friends
How often is too often for a cat to get catnip?
I have 2 cats that wake me up – what can I do?
Are cats loners? Do they need feline companionship to be mentally healthy?
Can cats be regretful – Do cats actually regret?
My cat has suddenly changed personalities
My cat keeps crying – it's driving me crazy! What can I do?
How can I minimize stress on my cat when traveling?
Why does my cat wiggle the top of his bum with his tail straight up in the air?

General Questions

Should I breed my cat so my kids will learn about life?
Cat Muzzles
How To Get A Cat In A Carrier
How To Keep Cats Out Of Flower Bed
My cats tongue is always poking out
My cat Mini is not happy
Question on gender and age
How can you tell if a cat has been fixed?
What is the best age to declaw a cat?
Rodney our Ragdoll cat
Stray cat bit me
Where do you take a cats blood from?        
Whisker loss in cat
How do you make cats and dogs live longer?
Would a 2nd cat be good for a nervous but lonely cat?
Advice on Declawed Cats and Cat Trees
Indoor Outdoor cats live longer than you say
Dealing with Grief from losing an indoor-outdoor cat from antifreeze poisoning
How do I become a Veterinarian?
Pregnant woman concerned about risk of fleas and mice
Should my vet refund my money for medications my pet didn't use?
Can a spayed feline still nurse her kittens?
When do you "own" a stray cat?
What is the best amount of time spent with your cat when you work and are away?
If a male cat is a tom, what is a female?
What does the abbreviation MC mean on a medical chart?
Are poinsettia plants toxic?
Is tinsel toxic? My cat ate tinsel from our Christmas tree and has been vomiting
How can I stop my cat from licking his surgical wounds?
Does licking or eating plastic bags bad for my cat?
Why is my cat licking his bottom?
How do you grow cat grass?
Is the laser light dangerous for cats?
How can I tell what type of cat I have?
Should I worry about Lead in my cat's toys and bowls?
How do you keep a collar on a stubborn cat that hates it?
What human health concerns can occur from unclean cat conditions?
Why does my cat put her stuffed mouse in the water?
What is the ideal temperature in a cat environment?
Does a cold, wet nose really mean a cat is healthy?
Why do cats lick each other?
Is it okay for my cat to eat red roses?
Why does my cat clean me up by licking?


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