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Cat vomits food
Should I declaw my cat?
How To Tell When Your Cat is Sick
Cat Ear Polyps
Cat Eye Anatomy
Cat Eye Infections
Contagious Cat Eye Problems
Eye Injury
Kitten with diarrhea
Injured Kitty
Shaking of the legs in a young cat
Kitten wound
Sad Senior Cat Not Eating , Vomiting and Weak
Kitten won't move or eat
Question about FIP
What are common causes of nasal bleeding congestion?
Stray cat with health problems
My cat's weight
Cat licking herself
Current cat illness
Cat's paw pad is red and swollen
Corona Virus, FIP in multicat household
My cat is drooling and is very tired!

Sneezing Cat
Cat loosing hair and lump on left side
Sick Persian cat
Cat diagnosed with hypercalcemia
Anemic senior cat
Opinions on Declaws: You are an …for telling people that it is ok
Cat with diarrhea in multicat household
FIV and Kidney Disease k/d food vs. regular for sick and healthy cats
Putting weight on a 16 year old cat. How?
Cat has to pull herself up on the bed, not using her back legs
Do cat's have heart murmurs?
Cat acting dizzy – Vertigo?
Hilo's respiratory distress
Cat eating newspaper
Bipolar disorder in a cat?
Cat lost his appetite
Excessive cat urination and defecation
Patch of hair missing from tail area
Does my cat have an infection or is he just overweight?
One of my cats immediately vomits after eating
My cat was diagnosed with stud tail
16-year-old cat – hungry, loosing weight and having accidents
Cat Dandruff
What do cats die from?
Cat vomiting, ate a plant
Urinary obstruction in a female cat
Kittens eyes opening at different times
Matted fur and painful swelling of skin on tummy
My cat was diagnosed with subcutaneous emphysema
Cat in heat?
Litter and lung tumors in cats
Cat eye health
Manx-mix cat died suddenly
How do I tell if my cat is in shock after an injury?
Neutered cat and testosterone hormone levels
Sick cat and neutering
Advice for Dealing with Hairballs
Advice for Cat Having Collapse or Seizure
Advice for Panting Scared Cat
Advice for why a cat lost his appetite
Anal discharge and scooting in a cat
Mother cat sick with nursing kittens

Tear stains and eye drainage in a Persian cat
Do cats grow more nipples to nurse kittens?
What causes blood in a cat feces?
Cat Lost Kittens and now in heat – what to do?
Owner gone for 24 hours and cat is sick – what to do?
Bites caused by walking dandruff – what is that?
Do you have any tips for dealing with cats with megacolon?
How do I provide heat support to my sick cat?
Tips for living with a blind cat
Can cats get over Asthma?
Terrible flea infestation – what can I do?
How do I get my Obese Kitty to Loose Weight?
My Cat is in heat – is there any homeopathic remedy to calm her down?
Cat with warm ears and dry nose – Is this okay?
Cat with lump on throat – what is it?
My cat has skin breakdown and scabs every summer – What Can I do?
Dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a cat
Jerking of paws and twitching of mouth before falling asleep
Can I give Helicobacter pylori infection to my cat?
My cat is hoarse and has a crackly meow – why is this?
Can a cat get a copperhead bite?
Treatment for Bladder stones in cats
My cat is a diabetic – how do I dispose of his syringes?
Cats with HIV (feline AIDS) don't need to be separated
My cat has dandruff that seems to move. Is that a parasite?
My cat is having some tearing, eye discharge and sneezing. What should I do?
Can cats experience physical reactions to stress such as vomiting?
What is DKA and how is it different from regular "Diabetes"?
Can cats get a disease called IMHA?
Can cats get sick from "Cat Scratch Disease" or just people that get sick?
What is "Hemobart"?
Can cats cause Baylisascaria Infection in children?
I adopted a cat with PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). Will she get sick?
What is a "foreign body"?
Is there a genetic test for polycystic kidney disease?
I brought my cat home from the hospital and my other cats are acting aggressive
Fibrosarcoma in my cat – what should I do?
Vomiting and inappropriate urination – any advice?
What is Song Bird Toxicity or Song Bird Fever in Cats?
I have a fat cat that lost a lot of weight – Help me!
I have a sick outdoor cat
My cat has a urinary problem and cries at night
Is 18 years old to old to treat a disease?
My cat has two lumps on each side by his ribs
Can cats get lead poisoning?
My cat has diarrhea – what can I do?
My cat vomits occasionally but acts okay – do you think that is a problem?
My cat has waxy debris just in front of his tail head…what is it?
What causes a cat to have blood shot eyes?
Why does my cat have a dirty bottom?
Continuing Chemo vs. Quality of Life?
My cat has a resorptive lesion – what should I do?
My cat is panting and making strange noises
What are signs of dehydration in a cat?
Home care for a stray cat with a bleeding bump
My Cat is dragging his rear legs
My cat is throwing up this yellow foamy stuff. What is wrong with him?
My old cat is urinating all over the house – what can I do?
My cat has a string coming out his rectum – what should I do?
What advice do you have on a cat that is vomiting frequently?
Why does my cat have really strong urine odor?
Why is my cat loosing weight and drinking more water?
Why is my cat is always hungry?
What do I do with a cat that has feces stuck on the hair of his rear end?
Why does my obese cat bite himself when I scratch him over his back?
What should I do with a stray cat with leukemia that seems healthy?


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