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Kitten Care

How do you tube feed a kitten?
What kind of milk replacement should I give my orphaned kitten?
How can you tell the sex of a cat?
When should kittens be weaned and when do they urinate on their own?
Behavior change in a kitten after vaccination
What is considered proper “eye care” for kittens?
What do I do about a 12-week-old kitten sucking on private parts?
Worried about kitten sleeping too much

Odor Control and Litter Questions

Cat Litter Furniture
Cat Urine Odor Removal
Cat Urine Odors In Wood
Fresh Step Cat Litter
Removing Cat Urine Odor
How to hide a cat litter box
Hiding a litter box
Home Remedy For Removing Cat Urine Odor
How to Remove Cat Urine Odor From Carpet
Remove Cat Urine Odor
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Why Cat Won’t Use Litter Box
Cat doesn’t cover her feces in the litter box
What causes very strong ammonia odor in cat urine?
Cleaning cat urine

Wellness Questions

Cat Flea And Tick Medicine
Cat Flea Collar
Cat Flea Control
Cat Flea Treatment
Cat ID Collars
Remedy for Cat Fleas
Shots for kittens
My cat had a tick. Should I bring her to the Vet?
Cat ears
Seed like things around my cat’s bed?
Advise on kitten care
My cat has fleas
Advice on cat that gets dirty – does he need baths?
False pregnancy in a cat
Vets Advice – How do I brush my cat’s teeth
Kitten Vaccines, at what age are the first shots?
Longhaired cat gets feces stuck on fur
How do I provide mental stimulation to my cat?
Advice for cat with hair mat problem
Why does my cat keep coming in heat?
Should I take my cat with me or Get a Cat sitter?
Cat reacts funny to topical flea medication – What did I do wrong?
Should I vaccinate my cat for FIV?
Why do I need to repeat a Feline Leukemia and AIDS test?
Can cats get pregnant while still nursing kittens?
My cat has bad breath – what can I do?
How do I clean my cat’s ears?
Can my cat be spayed if she is still nursing?
How long after giving birth can the mother cat become pregnant?
My cat is leaving what look like sesame seeds where he sleeps
What is the best method for contraception in cats other than spaying?
Why does my cat have black specks or crumbs on her chin?


How long does it take for Clavamox to work?
Aspirin and pet liver
Can I mix Antirobe with my cat’s food?
Taurine seems to help an 18-year-old cat
Home remedy for ear mites
Clavamox drops expiration
When do amoxi-drops expire?
My cat has a fever and I’m giving him infant pain reliever
Can you use Program (lufenuron) to treat ringworm?
What is the dose of AZT use in cats with feline AIDS (FIV)?
Is there an inhaler that can be used in cats?
Dr. Debra – What is a MDI?
I gave my cat “bad” antibiotics – will he be okay?
Can I use a baby aspirin on my kitten’s cold and stuffy nose?



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