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Can an Intact Male Cat Sexually Assault My Spayed Cat?

Hi Dr. Debra,

I have an outdoor spayed female cat, and I often see a tomcat hanging around. Can he assault and essentially rape my female cat that has been spayed?

Sarah P. Ohio.


Thanks for your question. It sounds like you are concerned about the intact (unneutered) tomcat trying to mate with your spayed cat.

To answer your question – no, your cat is not at any risk. Intact male cats are attracted to females because they are “in heat.” A spayed female cat won’t be in heat and won’t be receptive to mating.

Male cats initiate mating when a cat is in heat, and that happens simply for the goal to reproduce; unlike humans, cats do not have sex for pleasure. Based on my background in cat behavior, I can assure you that cats do not have a concept of rape and do not mate for any reasons than for reproduction.
If you are worried, can you neuter the tomcat? It could not only put your mind at ease but also potentially prevent an unwanted litter.

Best of luck,

Dr. Debra