Can I send you my cat photos?

Our question this week was:

Dr. Debra – can I send you a photo of my cat? She is a 20-pound calico (I’m not proud – that is just the way she is but I love her anyway). I think she is so cute and I’d love to share my photo with you? Do you mind if I send it to you?

Angie S. – St. Louis, MO


Hi – thanks for your email Angie. YES – I’d love you see your cats picture. In fact, anyone that wants to send me photographs or video – I’d love to see them. We are working on building some pages on the site so we can share your photos with other users!

Please send your photos or videos to If possible, when you send your submissions – send me a little story or text about the photo or video. I’d love to have some pages of cat photos such as “Funny Cats”, “Fat Cats”, “Cats in Sinks”, “Cats in Beds”, “Cats Playing”, etc!

Thanks – I’m looking forward to seeing what you send to me!

Dr. Debra

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