Can My Cat Get A Urinary Infection From Another Cat? Or pass to Me?

Can My Cat Get a Urinary Infection from Another Cat? Can They Pass It to Me?

Urinary problems can be very upsetting for owners and cats-but can urinary infections be passed to other animals or people? These painful and stubborn problems can be caused by bladder stones, infections and other sources of inflammation.

Many owners have lots of questions about how urinary infections are transmitted. Can your cat get a urinary infection from another cat? Could they even give one to you?

The answer is no.

Urinary tract infections cannot be spread from cat to cat, or from cat to human. You also cannot give a urinary infection to your cat. The bacteria responsible for infections do not cause disease in both humans and cats. Problems such as kidney and bladder stones are not transmittable at all.

I hope this answers your question on whether cats can spread urinary tract infections.