Cat in heat?

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The only way to prevent heat cycles in the long term is to spay your cat. In addition to preventing pregnancy, spaying has health benefits for your kitty, according to Regular heat cycles put felines at risk for developing other health conditions because they stress out her body. Spaying can also prevent cats from developing reproductive cancers. Doing the surgery before your cat’s first heat greatly reduces her risk of getting mammary gland tumors, which are usually cancerous.

If you can’t afford to spay her, find out if there are local clinics that will do it at a discount or for free. Because accidental pregnancies lead to abandoned and euthanized animals, many veterinarians provide cheap spaying services. The cost of raising a litter of kittens exceeds the price of the surgery.

Strange Behavior

If your spayed cat is exhibiting the behavior described above, you might want to take her to the veterinarian. Ovarian tissue that’s left in the cat’s body during the surgery can cause hormonal reactions that mimic those of intact felines. Your vet can check her hormone levels or do exploratory surgery to figure out what’s going on. Plus, you’ll want to rule out any serious medical conditions if your cat is acting funny.



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