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Cat Myth Busters – Find Out the Truth

Today I’d like to dispel some of the common myths that many people believe to be true.

1. Cats have a better life when living outdoors. This issue is commonly debated. I believe that, in the right situation, outdoor cats can have a great life. But in general, indoor-outdoor cats have consistent food and shelter and they live longer than outdoor cats. Indoor-only cats live the longest. Find out more here: The Great Debate: Indoor Versus Outdoor Cats

2. Cats in a tree need help. You see the classic story where the little old lady calls the fire department to get the poor cat out of the tree. Is this type of rescue really necessary? The short answer is no. For more information go to: Help! My Cat is Trapped in a Tree

3. Tomato juice works great for skunk odors. What removes skunk odors? Is it tomato juice? The short answer is no. Find out more. Go to: What to Do When Your Cat Has Been Skunked

4. Cats have nine lives. I wish this really was true but it is not. Find out where this myth came from. Go to: Does Your Cat Have Nine Lives?

I hope you enjoyed this article about debunking common myths.