Cat Vomits Food – Vet’s Advice On Cat Vomits Food

What can you do about a cat that vomits food?

A cat that vomits food can have a variety of ailments including food sensitivity, digestive upset, an intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal cancer or even inflammatory bowel disease. The significance of this depends on how frequently it happens, if it is associated with other symptoms and your cats overall general health. For example, an occasional episode of vomiting can be normal for some cats.

There are medications that can be used to help cats that vomit food and some can benefit from a special diet. Definitive diagnosis can require bloodwork, x-rays or even intestinal biopsies. For more information on why cats vomit, click here.

Also, it is worth distinguishing between vomiting and regurgitation. Many pet owners do not distinguish between vomiting and regurgitation. It is important because the cases of each can differ. Vomiting is the act of expelling contents from the stomach through the mouth. It’s a reflex act, involving a triggering stimulus (such as inflammation of the stomach), the central nervous system and abdominal muscles that work together to expel the contents from the stomach. There are multiple causes of vomiting. An occasional, infrequent isolated episode of vomiting is usually normal. Regurgitation is the backward flow or effortless evacuation of fluid, mucus, or undigested food from the esophagus. Unlike vomiting, it is not accompanied by nausea and does not involve forceful abdominal contractions. It is a symptom of esophageal disease and not a disorder in itself.

So depending on all the above, a cat that vomits food can be significant. Talk to your vet about the possible causes and any tests that can be done to distinguish between them.

Dr. Debra

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