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Doc, Tell me – Should I Get Another Cat?

The time comes for almost all cat lovers when they must ask themselves a very important question: “Should I get ANOTHER cat?”

In my experience it’s not too long after getting their first cat that a lot of people start thinking about adding to their feline family. Most people start off with a single cat but eventually get more. (I’ll admit, it, cats are like potato chips; it’s hard to stop at just one!)

Should you get another cat? How do you know? This can be a difficult decision and it’s one that really deserves a lot of thought. Pets are family members so I really urge taking your time with this choice.

If you have been thinking about becoming a multiple-cat household I have just the article for you. It gives you some really practical advice on what kind of cat (age, sex, etc.) might work best in your home. Check it out. Go to: Should I Get Another Cat?

If you already have more than one cat, you might be tempted to add yet more. If that’s the case you may want to read this article: How Many Cats Are Too Many?