Get Rid of Litter Tracking, Dust and Odor

I want to tell you a story about dealing with allergies while you have cats.

My friend has three cats – which means that she has four litter boxes in her house (by the way that is the ideal number of litterboxes for 3 cats).

She also has allergies. That's a bad combination.

One day I stopped by to visit. When she answered the door she looked miserable. Her nose was red, her eyes were watery and she sounded like she had a bad cold.

My surprise must have been written all over my face because she said, "Don't worry, Debra – come on in. I'm not sick. It's just my allergies."

Like many cat lovers, my friend is allergic to dust… and scooping the litter box is torture for her. She told me that she's tried every litter she could find but nothing worked for her. The "low dust" varieties still had dust. Some litters didn't clump well. Others didn't absorb odor. And some the cats simply refused to use.

"It's bad enough dragging those 30-pound boxes of litter out of the car," she said, "but the worst part is that none of them do what they say they will. Look at me – I can barely breathe!"

When it comes to litter, cat owners usually have a BIG laundry list of complaints, not the least of which are:

Finding the perfect litter is not easy. Some clump better than others. Some track less. Some are better at controlling odor. And some even cost less than others. But no litter has ever been able to do it all … just ask my friend.

The other issue is what is often appealing to us is NOT appealing to cats. We like some of the scented litters. Some cats can tolerate them but others can't and will elect to find an alternative location to urinate besides the litter box.

For some with allergies, an automatic litterbox and help. That way you are not exposed to the dust associated with scooping.

If a cat likes them, some of the natural litters tend to form less dust and have less tracking.
Litters such as Next Gen Green Tea, Wheat based, and pine based are all good choices if you have allergies.

If you have allergies- I hope these tips help you.