Growl, Hiss, Purr… What Is My Cat Saying?

Growl, Hiss, Purr… What Is My Cat Saying?

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When cats “talk”, what are they really saying?

Cats make a variety of sounds. They can chatter, chirp, growl, hiss, purr and meow.

And each sound has a different meaning. Do you know what they mean?

We did some research to better understand what each of these sounds means. For example… the “chatter” In people, to “chatter” is to talk noisily or conversationally. In cats, it is often a unique sound that is from the throat and often associated with a very quick fast movement of their lower jaw. It is most commonly made when a cat is excited about its prey, either outside or looking out the window. They often make this sound while stalking and just prior to attacking their prey.

Read more about what the chirp, growl, hiss, purr and meow mean. Go to: Cat Talk – What is Your Cat Saying?

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