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Her Brother-in-Law Whispered, “What’s That Smell?”

A friend asked for my advice. She seemed pretty upset and once I heard her “horror story” I understood why. She was having an open house. Lots of people showed, and she thought it was going really well … until her brother-in-law came up to her and whispered, “What’s that smell?”

She froze, feeling this enormous wave of fear and shame flush through her entire body. She knew what “smell” he was talking about, and she wondered if everyone else at the party could smell it, too.

Her cat had a urinary infection and the day before the party the cat had an “accident” on the living room rug. The urine was very concentrated and strong and it smelled REALLY bad. Thinking about her party the next day, my friend began to panic. She scrubbed the spot clean and sprayed it like crazy with an odor freshener. You can imagine her relief when the spot and the awful smell disappeared. But now, in the middle of her wonderful party, the smell was back!

She was so embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be with all those guests … and a house that smelled like urine?

She asked me how this could have happened. The smell was GONE. Then all of a sudden BAM! – there it was again – and at the worst possible time. She also wanted to know how to get the awful smell to go away for good. Since I’m a veterinarian she thought I’d have the answers, and luckily I did.

The smell came back because no amount of scrubbing, spraying or praying can get rid of the urine salt deposits in that carpet. No matter what she did, they were there to stay. When she scrubbed and sprayed the area, it seemed to go away, but then later at the party it came back. My friend had been baking and cooking for her party all day. And HUMIDITY reactivates the odor in those urine salts.

I told my friend about a product called Zero Odor. It bonds with these odor molecules and “deactivates” them, so the urine smell really is gone for good. There’s nothing like it … and trust me, I’ve tried everything!

According to a recent poll, many pet owners feel that their pet is the number one source of odor in their home. I’m sharing this story with you today because we all have problems with pet odor, and none of us wants to find ourselves in an embarrassing situation like this.
Since we discovered Zero Odor, my staff and I swear by it. Give it a try and you will, too.

Upon a recent search – I could find Zero Odor on Ebay and Amazon.