How big are normal cats?

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Dr. Debra, I am doing a project in school. I have 1 question that I just can’t answer. It’s: “How big are normal cats?” Thanks for the (maybe) help!

Robert T.


Hi – thanks for your email Robert. You wrote asking how big are normal cats – this is part of your school project. Thanks for your questions. Well Robert – it really depends. Most cats are mixed breeds – that we refer to as Domestic short-haired or Domestic long-haired cats.

This question is sort of like…how big should a person be. Many people are big and tall and others are small and petite. We see the same thing in cats. We can see some very small cats that are very healthy and other big cats that are also healthy and that weight is normal for them.

However, to answer your question – I’d say that most cats weight between 7 and 11 pounds. Because their shapes and sizes vary so much – we have an article on how to tell if your cat is too fat or thin. This may also be interesting to you. It has to do with their shape – they should have some “curves.

Articles that might be helpful to you are Is Your Cat Too Thin? and Is Your Cat Too Fat?

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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