How do you deal with grief?

Our question this week was:

Hi Dr. Debra – My name is Sally – my daughter lost her cat about 2 months ago and she is…inconsolable. It sounds strange but she has even talked about suicide because she misses her cat molly so much. Do you have any advice.



Hi – thanks for your email. Sally – I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter. Grief is a funny thing – it can really affect some people in different ways. It is really hard to loose a beloved pet. I know that from personal experience. I’ve seen clients have similar reactions to your daughter.

When someone states they are considering suicide – I take that VERY seriously. It is a cry for help. I’d rather not tell you little things to do or say…I’d recommend that you get her professional help.

You can call a local counselor or contact some grief hotlines to find out your first step.

Below are some numbers as well as some websites that might be helpful.