How Much Should Your Cat Sleep?

How Much Should Your Cat Sleep?

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Cat lovers often ask me how much sleep a cat should get. Many wonder if their cat is sleeping too much.

The amount of time a cat sleeps varies a lot. The amount of time spent napping varies from cat to cat, depending on the cat’s age and personality. Counting little naps and longer snoozes, most cats sleep about 13 to 16 hours a day.

Indoor cats sometimes sleep out of boredom. To find out more about your cat’s sleep behavior, go to: Sleep Behavior of Cats

Here is a quiz:

What animals sleep 20 hours a day?

Want to know the answers? Go here. You’ll find the answer in the second paragraph.

Cats sleep more than people, but they wake more frequently than we do.

Here is another good question – do cats dream? Find out. Go to: Dreaming and Cat Naps.

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