How To Get A Cat In A Carrier – Vet’s Advice On How To Get A Cat In A Carrier

How To Get A Cat In A Carrier – Vet’s Advice On How To Get A Cat In A Carrier

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How do you get a cat in a carrier?

Getting a cat in a carrier can be tricky. A lot about how you get a cat in a carrier will depend on the type of carrier that you have. Some carriers have front latch only, some have top latches or side latches. The most difficult models to get your cat in to is the front latch style. This is especially true after your cat has been in a few times!

Some methods on how to get a cat in a carrier includes:


  • Place treats in the carrier to coax the cat inside.
  • You can also stand the carrier on end so it opens on the top. The cat can then be lowered feet first into the carrier.
  • Another “trick” is to back your cat in. Lay the carrier normally on the floor or table and start him or her tail first into the carrier.
  • Another trick you can use is taking your cat into an environment where they are not accustomed. If your cat is “carrier shy” – get the carrier out in a room such as the garage where he or she does not see it. Place it on the floor, make sure the garage or area is secure in case your cat gets away from you, and carry your cat into that room and place them in the carrier. They are often so overwhelmed by being somewhere new and seeing different things that they don’t pay attention that you are placing them in the carrier.

    Try to get the cat used to the carrier by keeping it in the open and keeping toys and treats in the carrier. It is smart to keep extra carriers in your home in the case of an emergency. You should always consider a fire plan –or a “what if” plan. One method for getting your cats out of the house quickly in the case of a fire is using a pillowcase. This is not ideal but a method to quickly restrain them and take them to safety.

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