Is it bad for my cat to sleep in the dryer?

Is it bad for my cat to sleep in the dryer?

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Our question this week was:

My cat LOVES the dryer. He loves to curl up in there after I do a load of clothes and nap. Is this bad? I told a friend about it and she really scolded me yesterday, which really upset me.



Hi – thanks for your email. You wrote asking if it is bad to allow your cat to sleep in your dryer. I am sure that you are trying to pamper your cat and that he probably loves it. However, I agree with your friend – it is a bad practice.

If the dryer would get closed or even worse – get turned on – this is life threatening and could kill a cat.

How about a compromise? How about having some special towels just for your cat? Put them in the dryer to fluff them up/heat them and place them in a special basket for your cat while they are warm.

Dr. Debra

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