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Is It Stressful for a Cat to Live Indoors?

Do you think cats can be happy if they are indoor-only cats that are never allowed to go out? I’m interested in what you think. Take our poll. Go to: Do you think cats can be happy being indoors only?

I am going to guess that a lot of people aren’t sure. Take the poll and see how other cat lovers think.

What do I think? I think they can be happy, BUT you really need to provide everything they need to make them happy. This means you need to understand what cats need and what makes them happy, and then work to provide it.

This is important. Unhappy cats can be depressed and they can have a multitude of behavioral problems. I have two important articles for you to read. (If you have an indoor cat, I highly recommend them.)

First, What Indoor Cats Need to be Happy.

Next – How to Select the Right Environmental Enrichment for Your Cat.

What if you adopt a cat that is used to being outside, or the cat is an indoor/outdoor cat? Is it possible to turn an outdoor or an indoor/outdoor cat into an indoor cat? It can be tough – but you can do it.

Also, it is really important that your cat has plenty of toys to keep him happy and entertained. Here are two of my favorite interactive battery-operated toys. The first is called the Fling-ama-String. It is great. It continually “flings” a string that cats try to catch. Just hang it on a doorknob, turn it on and watch your cat go crazy!

Another favorite is the BOLT. This innovative laser toy has an “automated” setting that will run a 15-minute laser chase program for your cat, and then shut itself off. Or, you can hold it in your hand and control the action yourself.

I love these two toys. Check them out – I think your cat will like them, too. They are available on Amazon, Ebay and some select pet stores.