Is there a group that takes cats that are not wanted?

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A friend of mine has decided she can’t keep her 2-year-old cat due to urinating-outside-the-box problems. I’ve given her all the encouragement and guidance I can, including guidance from your newsletters, but her new babies and husband just can’t deal anymore. It breaks my heart, but I want to help by finding some group that will help find her cat a new home. Can you tell me what to search for? Are there groups that will take and place cats? Can I rely on web pages?

Lara in Washington DC


Hi Lara– thanks for your email. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s cat. Inappropriate urination is the most common behavioral problem that causes cats to be given up at shelters. It is a very difficult situation as many of these cats are indoors only and don’t know the outdoors. If a cat is indoors/outdoors – sometimes they can be turned into a “barn cat”.

There are no-kill shelters that will take cats like you mentioned. I’d look to see if there are any no kill shelters in your area. Ask your local animal shelter, cat welfare or veterinarian. I know there are several around the country.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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