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Is Your Cat Sick? How Can YOU Tell?

Is Your Cat sick? Here is How to Tell

So many pet owners tell me about a common problem that I need to talk about it today. It’s the fact that it is so hard to tell if your cat is ill or in pain. Pets can’t talk – they can’t tell you when they feel bad – so it’s not as easy as simply asking them.

Today’s featured article is something everyone should read and understand. It will help you learn some of the signs of illness in cats that are easy for the average owner to recognize.

Remember: if your cat loses consciousness, begins bleeding, or shows other extreme
symptoms, visit your vet immediately.

Here is a questionnaire that may help. Go to: How to Tell if Your Cat is Ill.

To make things even simpler, take a look at these 16 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore In Your Cat. 16 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore in Your Cat.

I hope you find these articles helpful.

By the Way – Cats exhibit a variety of symptoms when they are not well. Here is a very good guide that will help you to better understand the signs that show your cat is ill. It’s an excellent emergency guide so keep this link handy.

Go to: Guide to Cat Symptoms. This will take you to a very useful library of cat symptoms and what causes them.