Keep Your Cat From Tearing Furniture – Vets Advice

How do you keep a cat from tearing furniture?

Keeping a cat from tearing furniture can be difficult. The best thing to do is to try to redirect the cat to scratch at a scratching post or pad. Make sure you select a good quality tall post that is appealing to your cat.

Praise your cat when she uses the post. Make the post a fun place to be by placing toys on or around it, or rubbing it with catnip. Make sure to put it in an accessible area. If you are trying to stop your cat from scratching a particular piece of furniture, you can try placing the post in front of that piece of furniture and praise your cat when he or she uses it. You can gradually move the post further way as he or she begins using it regularly.

Another thing you can do is make the texture of the furniture less appealing by placing plastic, fabric. sticky sheets, or double sided tape on it. You can also place a cotton ball of scented bath oil on or near it or spray with Lysol or another scented product that is generally unappealing to cats. Spray all scents or products in a small area first to make sure it won’t hurt the furniture’s surface. You can also keep the nails trimmed or use Soft Paws to cover the claws which will not change the behavior but will change their ability to damage the furniture.

Dr. Debra