Kitten starts crying in the middle of the night and doesn’t stop

Our question this week was:

I have a 11 month old kitten, Seems here recently she’s found out, by jumping on the bed at night, pawing and crying (mostly), even biting my girlfriend in the morning hours 2am till 4am, wakes everyone up to feed her. We have our kitten on a strict eating schedule, two (3) including if we feed her to stop her from crying loud. This is the amount we were told by our Vet. 1/3 cups of kitten based food. How can we fix our kitten to where she’s not crying for food in the wee hours of the morning?

William Brown


Thanks for your question. Gosh, I get this question a lot and I agree that this is a frustrating problem. I have dealt with this several times and it is not a quick fit. A well-known behaviorist, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, wrote an article for me on just this topic. It is called “Thwarting the Alarm Clock Kitty”. I’m not a behaviorist and asked him to write this so I could give the best advice for my readers.

I’ll give you the link below because he explains the issue really well and gives some very useful tips that have worked for me.

Basically, these are Dr. Dodman’s suggestions for dealing with the problem: