Kitten Wound

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My Kitten has been in a fight I think, he’s only about 3 months old but had a wound on his hip. I got a closer look and its a hole, about 5mm in diameter which has fluid coming out. He seems fine but I am worried about it. I put tea tree oil on it, mum says it helps everything. What do you think?

Aimee Galasso


Thanks for your email. Without actually seeing your kitten, it sounds like it could be a bite wound abscess. These are commonly due to cat fights.

Depending on the severity of the wound, some need to be treated and others will heal on their own. Some can be very large and infected required lancing, draining, and antibiotics.

Is your kitten eating? Drinking? Active? If so, those are good signs. Is the discharge getting less every day? The very safest thing to do is to have your kitten evaluated by your veterinarian to determine the severity of it. Certainly if your kitten is acting lethargic, less active, vomiting, or not eating, I’d recommend seeing your vet or taking your kitten to you local emergency clinic immediately.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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