Learn About This Common and Deadly Cat Disease

Learn About This Common and Deadly Cat Disease

One of the most common Internet searches related to cats is "Feline AIDS." It's also a subject that comes up frequently in discussions with concerned cat owners. Today's newsletter will help you understand not only what this disease is, but how it spreads and how to protect your cat against it.

Feline AIDS, clinically known as feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV, is a widespread viral infection that attacks the immune system of cats. Its name comes from the fact that the disease affects cats in a similar way that HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) affects people. It is NOT contagious to people and is transmitted only from cat to cat.

Do you know the symptoms of FIV? This article will tell you even more about the disease and how it affects cats. Go to: What You Should Know About Feline AIDS.

FIV is devastating to cats but it can be prevented. Learn what you can do to protect your cat. In addition to steps to avoid contact with an infected animal, a vaccine is available to help reduce the risk of your cat acquiring FIV. It is recommended for cats at high risk for infection. It is important to know that once your cat is vaccinated, he a blood test may turn up a positive result.

Should your cat get the vaccine? If your cat is at high risk, this should not prohibit you from getting the vaccine. But it is important to know that if your cat is ever tested for this condition and the test is positive, you will never know if your cat really has the disease or if it is just an FIV positive result from the vaccine.

Ask your veterinarian whether a vaccine is right for your cat. Again, I don't want to prohibit high-risk cats from getting the vaccine but I do want you to be educated. I don't want any cats unnecessarily euthanized because they are positive and they may just be showing positive from having taken the vaccine.