Minimize Cat Stress After Human Loss

Our question this week was:


My husband recently died. It was unexpected. We have 3 cats and they all dearly loved him. Can you give me any advice on how to help my cats through this loss?

Billie J.

New York, NY.


I am very sorry for your loss. That is most unfortunate. Cats do feel the loss and can suffer similar grieving to what we feel. They may not eat as well, sleep more, and some cats will be more “needy” by being vocal or wanting more attention. During this time, try to keep your cats normal routine. Maintain the same food, feeding times, and sleep times if possible. It may help to spend more time with your cats and give them extra attention. Extra petting time or extra playtime may help take their mind off their loss. If you have items with your husband’s scent that may give them comfort, you may want to place these items close to their favorite resting spots.

Best of luck,

Dr. Debra

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