Minimize Cat Stress While Remodeling

Our question this week was:

Dear Doctor,

I am going to be remodeling my home very soon. I have two cats and I know how stressed out they can get sometimes. Do you have any tips on how to minimize their stress while I am remodeling?




Dear Dave,

Thanks for your question. I'm pleased that you recognize different elements that can cause feline stress and certainly remodeling, moving, new roommates or people in the house, outdoor construction, new cats, new babies, new cats outside that your cat can see or smell, and holiday events are just a few of the common stresses that can affect cats. Several behavioral problems can occur secondary to "stress" so taking the time to minimize all stresses whenever possible is a very smart option. I've done remodeling as well and have had the same question from hundreds of clients. These are some tips that I've seen help minimize the stress of remodeling:

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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