My cat had a tick. Should I bring her to the Vet?

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My cat had a tick – I removed it, (but there was a hard bump left on her back). Then her fur started to pull away – and her skin was showing – (a little bloody). I cut the HARD piece of peeled away fur – (felt like dried leather) – and put “Healthy Living” PURE lavender oil on the wound. – about the size of 2 quarters. It seems to be healing – and looks much better. Should I bring her to the Vet?

Ialeen Durling


Thanks for your question. Before I can really give you advice, I’d need to almost look at the lesion to help guide you. If the area looks like it is healing, there is no discharge, it might be okay.

If the area looks red, inflamed, it is painful, you noticed discharge or an odor, it might be infected. I’d recommended having that lesion checked.

If you are in doubt, the safest thing is to take your kitty to your veterinarian to have them evaluate it.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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