My Cat Thinks I’m Cheating on Him

Cats are funny. Their sense of smell is just amazing. The other day, I stopped to see some friends and their cats immediately came running up to me. They smelled me up and down and I don't think there was an inch left undiscovered. (As a vet I must smell really good!)

Then two of them sat on my lap and purred… and purred… and purred. I left with my own sort of "hairball" happening. I brushed myself off but boy did the clinic cats know I was somewhere that I should not have been (in their opinion).

One cat came over to me and hissed. Another smelled me all over then walked away and just ignored me. It was as if they were thinking I was out "cheating" on them. Seriously.

Has your cat ever done this to you? What does your cat do when you come home smelling like other cats? If you are around another cat, what does your cat do when you get home? Take our poll

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This happens to cat lovers all the time.