My son is allergic to cats. Is there a breed that has less dander?

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I love cats! However, my son is allergic to them. Is there a breed that has less dander?

Kristi Ratliff


Hi Kristi– thanks for your email. Your asked if there is a cat that is less-allergic. Call cats can have some dander. However they did develop a breed of cat specifically for people with allergies:Cat Crazy and Allergy Free.

I’ve read that some people believe that the Rex cat produces less allergies in some people than other cats. Research is required to determine why. Some people generally allergic to cats tolerate this breed for some reason.

Another article that might be useful: Help! I’m Allergic to My Cat!.

This article may also be interesting to you: Kids and Allergies: Can Pets Help the Problem?

If you are interested in dogs, here are some dog breeds that are better for people with allergies: Top Dog Breeds for People with Allergies.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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