Opinions on Declaws: You are an #$%^&* for telling people that it is ok

Our question this week was:

You are an #$%^&* for telling people that it is ok to declaw their cats!!!!!!! You should @#$%^&&



Hi – thanks for your email. I read this email and contemplated if I should answer it and publish it. I think that most opinions should be heard so I’ll address your point.

First, I’m sorry you feel that way. I want to make a point. I don’t necessarily advocate declawing. What I do advocate is that if a pet owner is going to declaw their cat, that they do it responsibly. Cat owners that declaw their cats should understand there are alternatives to this procedure and that they are need to take the responsibility that this cat can only be an indoor cat.

Pet owners are going to do it and if they do, I want them to do it right. I’ve actually seen cats “kicked” because they were clawing the furniture, banished, or put outside. As opposed to those possibilities, I think declawing can be okay if done early, correctly and the cat is kept as an indoor only cat. Declawing is necessary to some cat owners to have a happy household.

As I mentioned, there are options to declawing that should also be considered by all cat owners considering declawing. These options include training cats to use scratching posts, frequent nail trimmings and nail caps.

Dr. Debra

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