Premium Cat Food – Vet’s Advice On Premium Cat Food

What is a premium cat food?

Premium cat food is a cat food that is made with nutritious ingredients and few fillers or by-products. Premium cat foods tend to be better quality than common store or off brands.

Premium cat food works to provide all the nutritional ingredients required for the life stage of that pet. The ingredients of premium cat foods are generally consistent.

There is no regulating body that checks that pet foods are nutritionally balanced and contain high quality ingredients or that they maintain any type of consistency. Historically, many pets have become ill from being fed poor quality foods.

Premium cat foods tend to stick to high quality ingredients, are balanced and consistent from bag to bag. My favorite premium cat foods (ones I use on my own cats) include Hills Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, and Waltham products.

Dr. Debra

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