Product that almost killed my cat

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I want to ask a question. I used a product on my cat that almost killed kitty! I just used it on my kitty that had licked all of his fur off his arm. The store and the company said it was safe for cats. My cat’s tongue swelled up and he developed ulcers that the vet said could have spread to his throat, etc. He has to take antibiotics and can’t eat solid food for a few days. If I hadn’t called the vet (which the company told me not to) my cat would have been dead. I believe this product is bad and I want to spread the word! What do you recommend?


Jennifer Turner


Hi – thanks for your email. Your email indicated the exact name of the product which I edited out. However, I did want to address your question and concern and give some suggestions for others that may have a similar problem.

If you used a product that you believe harmed your cat, I would get your veterinarian opinion as well to confirm that he also thinks it was a problem. I would contact the company directly and report the incident, you can also contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they have any other suggestions. Another suggestion is to check out This site is a government site that looks into unsafe or hazardous products.

Best of luck! Can you let us know what happens?

Dr. Debra

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