Sensitive Stomach Cat Food – Vet’s Advice On Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

What is sensitive stomach cat food?

Sensitive stomach cat food is a special diet made for cats that easily vomit or have digestion problems. These mild diets generally contain highly digestible food such as egg protein, rice and oats to help with digestion. Several companies make Sensitive stomach cat food including:


  • Eukanuba makes one called Eukanuba Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat
  • Royal Canin also makes one called Royal Canin Special 33 Feline Nutrition
  • Nutro Natural Choice™ Complete Care™ Senior
  • Purina One Adult Cat Sensitive Formula
  • Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for Adult Cats
  • Pro Plan Extra Care Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula for Cats
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline i/d

    Ask your veterinarian which brand or product they recommend for your particular cat. If your cat continues to vomit, please seek the advice of a veterinarian. There are many serious reasons for cats to vomit and sensitive stomach cat food may not help.

    Dr. Debra

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