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Taking Your Cat’s Temperature – Learn How

There are things every cat owner should know how to do in case of an emergency, or if you are concerned about your cat’s health. This is one of those things. You should know how to take your cat’s temperature.

Body temperature is a helpful vital sign to help determine your cat’s health. And taking your cat’s temperature is fairly simple.

Cats are so private by nature that some cat owners don’t know or recognize the anatomy. Let me show you. Go to this article and look at the photo of the rectum vs. where the genitalia are located. It will also tell you how to take a cat’s temperature step by step. It is also a good article to print and keep around in case of an emergency.

Go to How to take your cat’s temperature.

A normal rectal temperature in a cat is roughly 100 to 102 degrees F.

I hope this helps. If you have any concerns about your cats healthy and if he or she has a fever, please see your veterinarian.