Tips for a Happier Multi-Cat Home

How many pets does your household have? How many pets is ideal?

Many people have more than one pet; on average, Americans have one dog or two cats. Living with several animals can be a wonderful experience but it can also create a lot of stress if there's tension between them.

I have several great articles below to act as tools to solve your problems.

A significant number of owners find themselves dealing with some type of intercat aggression at least once. If you have more than one cat, how do you get them to get along?

It is important to understand why cats might not get along, because it can help you solve the problem. A cat's behavior can give you some great insight into the issue. Learn more about it at Inter-Cat Aggression.

Another frustrating problem that can occur in multi-cat homes is Inappropriate Elimination in Cats. Also – urine marking. This is a very good article. Go to: Feline Urine-Marking.

Sometimes you might find that your dog doesn't like your cat, or vice versa. What now? Here's the answer!: How to Keep Your Dog and Cat From Feuding.

One of the most common reasons cats go to their veterinarians for emergency appointments is because of a bite wound. Sometimes this happens from "outside" cats but more often than not comes from another cat in the household. For more information on bite wounds, go to: Bite Wounds in Cats.

Lastly, this might be my best tip here. If you have a multi-cat home, you need to make sure there are lots of things for your cat to do, places to go, places to hide and more. This is an excellent resource. Go to: Selecting the Right Environmental Enrichment for Your Cat. I recommend this article for every cat owner.

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