Vets Advice – How do I brush my cat’s teeth

Our question this week was:

In one of your articles, you mention brushing your cat’s teeth. My question is this: How? And do you use a special toothpaste or something for them? I ask because at least one of my cats would probably love it…he’s constantly stealing my toothbrush and getting in my face while I’m brushing MY teeth.

Christine Butler – Clear Spring, Maryland


Hi Christine – thanks for your email. A cat that likes your toothpaste is unusual. We recommend brushing your cat’s teeth at least every other day. Every day is ideal. We recommend using cat toothpaste, not human toothpaste.

Routine brushing can reduce or prevent dental disease. A soft toothbrush is idea. Also, the veterinary toothpastes have flavors that are appealing to cats such as meat flavors.

I have a good article on our website written by a veterinary dentist that tells you ‘how” to brush your cats teeth. I think it will be perfect for you. Go to How to brush your cats teeth.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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