Vets That Won’t Give Free Advice – Hear Both Sides

Pet lovers commonly have questions about their pets. Problems can arise and we usually hear about them over the phone: "My cat just ate a ribbon…is that dangerous?" "Are Easter lilies toxic?" "My cat vomited 3 times and is now lethargic – should I worry?" We even see a lot of these questions on our Facebook page and in messages.

These questions are all very good ones and I'm glad that owners care so much about the health of their companion animals. It's great that they feel comfortable asking questions of their vet.

An issue presents itself when people call for information about their cat's health and just want free advice. They are sometimes clients, but sometimes they are not-they're just curious owners who want to know more.

Should vets take these calls? What are the pros and cons? Our very own Irreverent Veterinarian will give you the real facts and tells it like it is without worrying about offending anyone. Read the article to learn more on this fascinating subject. Go to: Should Vets Give Free Advice?

What do you think? Should vets give free advice over the phone when you call?

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