What Can I do for my Sexually Aggressive cat that Humps the Other Cats?

Our question this week was:

We have read your appropriate article concerning sexual cat aggression and have tried most things mentioned in the article. Question: Is there any safe medication that we could give our male cat that would directly reduce the sexual desire in him. We have three other male cats that he is always trying to hump. Don’t they give sexual criminals this kind of medication to reduce the chances that they may rape someone? Thanks for you concern and help.


Richard J.


Hi – thanks for your email. You wrote that you have a male cat that is sexually aggressive and humps the other three male cats. You want to know what you can do.

First, I’d recommend that all your cats be neutered. They may be…I could not tell from your email. This really helps to minimize sexual aggression.

Secondly, you asked if medications that can help. The answer is yes.

Dr. Dodman, a behaviorist at Tufts University – recommended the following as possible treatments: