What do you recommend for Newborn cat care?

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Dr. Debra – A stray cat outside had kittens. I took her into my garage and have been feeding her. What are the recommendations for Newborn cat care?


Bonnie – Tampa FL


Hi – thanks for your email. You asked for recommendations for newborn cat care. For the most part – the mother cat will care well for the kittens. I’d recommending making sure she is eating a good quality food formulated for nursing cats. Also, I’d check the kittens on at least a daily basis to make sure they all look content – they are nursing and appear healthy.

I have some articles that will be prefect for you. The article on orphaned kitten care is very good as it tells you how to care for kittens and tell if they are healthy and give them what they need. Although you are not dealing with orphaned kittens – this article is very useful.

Go to:

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Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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