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What Do You Think – Is Your Cat Happy?

Is your cat really happy? Is it even possible to tell if a cat is happy?

So let’s see if we can answer this question. Is it even possible to tell if a cat is happy?

I believe the answer is yes!

Cats can be happy and sad. (Cats can even get depressed.) And yes, it is possible to tell if your cat is happy… if you know what signs to look for.

Today I want to talk to you about the “signs of a happy cat”. Dr. Nicholas Dodman teaches at TUFTS University. He is a world-renowned animal behaviorist and a best-selling author that has written an article on this subject for our website. I have known Nick personally for many years and feel he is truly one of the best in his field. I asked Nick to write an article about whether a cat can be happy. I think you will really enjoy it. Go to: Is Your Cat Happy?

In his article Dr. Dodman suggests some practical steps you can take to make your cat happier. Some of you are certainly already doing some of these things, like making sure you provide a high quality diet and plenty of exercise. Other suggestions may surprise you.

For example, Dr. Dodman suggests that you have a daily routine for your cat. Why? So your cat will know what to expect – and familiarity breeds contentment.

There are a number of excellent suggestions in the article.

To learn more go to: Is Your Cat Happy?