What human health concerns can occur from unclean cat conditions?

Our question this week was:

Dr. Debra – What kind of health hazards are there for having too many cats in a small 2-bedroom apartment that is very unclean and has a very strong urine and feces smell with urine and feces on everything including clothing?


A. Lemaster


Hi – thanks for your email. You asked about what kind of health hazards there are for having too many cats in a small unclean apartment. You also indicated that there is very strong urine and feces smells on everything including clothing?

Well, this is a difficult question. There are certainly health concerns that can occur from living in unclean conditions in general. There could be a higher incidence of zoonotic disease from dealing with cat feces in unclean conditions.

Living like that is not very appealing for cats. Cats prefer to be clean areas and not live in soiled conditions.

Dr. Debra

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