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What if My Cat Eats the Cat Litter?

What if My Cat Eats the Cat Litter?

What do you do if your cat is eating the cat litter? You might notice this happening while your cat is in the litter box, or catch them munching away on the litter stuck in their paws.

Eating cat litter is an unacceptable and potentially dangerous behavior of cats. Intestinal obstructions can occur result from eating litter because the clay and sand that give litter its clumping properties are also indigestible. Over time they can form hard masses that damage sensitive tissues and cause severe problems.

The clay or sand type ingredients are not digestible and can cause signs of an The symptoms of an obstruction which can include vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy and/or diarrhea. You may also notice litter embedded in your cat’s feces or in their vomit.

If your cat is eating litter or you notice any of these symptoms, – please call your veterinarian immediately for a checkup.