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What Is It About Laser Toys That Cats Like?

All cats are different. Many cats prefer toys that mimic the sounds, textures or movements of prey.

Many cat toys on the market are designed to move, vibrate, twitter, squeak or swing. These features simulate “prey” actions, encouraging a cat to react and play.

Some cats enjoy natural substrates such as leather, fur or feathers; however, some cats prefer fabric or substrates that crinkle, like plastic or foil.

Some kitties like cat toys with no sound whatsoever, while others enjoy toys that squeak, twitter, chip or crackle.

So what is it about the laser that cats like so much?

Many cats love to chase toys that move quickly, like very small balls that quickly move across a surface, pieces of kibble that slide across the floor, or a laser light moving across a wall or floor. This is the appeal of the laser.

Having a variety of different toys is a good idea because the variety will help keep your cat stimulated. I recently tested a cat toy called the Bolt Laser Toy and I really loved it. It is a uniquely designed laser toy that really gets cats going. You can set this toy to “automatic” mode to run a fun-filled play session for your cat while you are multi-tasking! The toy shuts itself off automatically after 15 minutes. You can also put the BOLT laser toy in manual mode and control the motion yourself. Either way, it drives cats crazy.

A recent searched show this toy available at Amazon and on Ebay.