What is the ideal temperature in a cat environment?

Our question this week was:

Dr. Debra – What is the ideal comfortable house temperature for a cat? How do I know if my cat is chilly?

Pam Murphy


Hi Pam– thanks for your email and question. You asked “What is the ideal comfortable house temperature for a cat and how do you know if your cat is cold?”

Interesting question. I think that most cats prefer house temperatures above 65 degrees Farenheight and may prefer even warmer temperatures such as 71 degrees. I think it is ideal to have an area in the home that is warmer – even the exposure to a room that gets a lot of sun and is therefore warmer.

This way your cat can choose where he or she wants to be and what is most comfortable.

It is difficult to know if a cat is cold but some cats will seek heat when chilly – such as lay on registers or sit in the sun. Other cats love to lie in the sun regardless of the temperature.

Thanks for your question.

Dr. Debra

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