What To Do If Your Cat Is Choking

Hopefully this will NEVER happen to you, but it can… and if it does, I want you to know what to do so you can hopefully save your cat.

So, what can you do if your cat is choking?

When a person is choking, they do the Heimlich maneuver… but can you do the same thing for a cat?

Yes, the action you take when a cat is choking is very similar. It is a modification of the Heimlich maneuver.

Henry Heimlich was a physician born in the 1920's. He invented a procedure consisting of abdominal thrusts that was designed to treat choking by dislodging things that become "caught" in the upper airway. The procedure came to be known as the Heimlich maneuver. This procedure became the backbone of choking rescue guidelines for humans.

Take a minute today to learn the step-by-step procedure for doing the Heimlich maneuver in cats. It is fairly easy to do. Here is a video explanation of the procedure.

To watch, just click on the video below

The Heimlich Manuver


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Finally, to prevent choking please keep all small objects that could be swallowed out of your cat's reach. Choose your cat's toys with care and avoid toys with small pieces that can be chewed off and ingested.

I hope this gives you some valuable information on how to help your cat in case of an emergency.