What water is good for cats?

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Dr. Debra – My question has to do with drink water for cats. My cat, who has access to the outside world 24/7, drinks from every possible source – frog pond, bird bath, water cans in the garden, a possible puddle in the shower, and even from his two water bowls in the house!

I read somewhere that cats need a “low” mineral content water, that high/certain mineral content is harmful for their kidneys. What “type” of water is best for cats? And what do you think about pet water fountains? Are they worth it if the cat already drinks from every possible place possible? I really enjoy receiving the Crazy Cat Newsletter each day, finally a daily e-mail I want! Thanks in advance,

Joyce S.


Hi – thanks for your email Joyce. I’m glad you enjoy the Cat Crazy Newsletter! Your question is about water – what water or waterer is best.

Fresh clean tap water is great for cats. Rather than a particular type – – the most important thing a cat can do is drink plenty of fresh clean water. I try to minimize a cat’s exposure to any water with dirt, possible mold or bird droppings.

Anything that encourages a cat to drink is great. The fountains are very good for some cats however it is important to periodically clean them, change the water and change the filter. You can stimulate your cat to drink with a waterer as well as offering fresh clean water, offering water in different locations (provide more than one water bowl), adding an ice cube to the water or just topping off the water bowl.

An article that might be helpful to you is The importance of water andTips for encouraging your cat to drink.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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